Boxx Modular

Boxx Modular

BOXX Modular (North America)

BOXX Modular rents, leases, and sells temporary and permanent modular buildings including mobile offices, office complexes, classrooms, lavatories, medical centers, bank facilities, Disaster Recovery programs, blast resistant buildings, and storage containers to customers in North America. We also provide full turnkey major project solutions and ancillary services for diverse sectors including industry and government, for both urban and remote locations. 

Britco is part of BOXX Modular. Founded in 1977, Britco has the largest fleet of modular buildings in British Columbia- including site offices, mobile offices, office complexes, classrooms, sales centres, first aid buildings, mobile washroom facilities and container solutions for storage. Learn more at

MPA Systems, LLC, is a BOXX Modular company.  MPA Systems, LLC specializes in leasing and selling high-security modular, transportable buildings to financial institutions and other office/service organizations, providing Disaster Recovery Facility programs, and offering full turnkey services across the United States. Learn more at

Call a Sales Rep Toll Free in Canada:

1 888 900 2699 (BOXX)

Call a Sales Rep Toll Free in United States at: 

1 877 966 7839

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