Appleby College

Appleby College

3,648 sq. ft. | 81 days

Quick Facts

  • Private school needed additional space for students to allow for proper physical distancing following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in Ontario.
  • Buildings had to complement the aesthetics of the surrounding buildings in the high-end private neighbourhood.
  • Client required a solution that could be configured as either one large addition to their existing school building or separated into four separate classroom portables.
  • This classroom has been designed and built to meet the Ontario Building code SB-10 for the Region of Oakville Ontario, which requires specialized insulation, windows, doors etc. for heat loss and energy efficiency. 
Industry: Education
Location: Oakville, ON
Building Use: Portable Classrooms 
Size of Project: 3,648 sq. ft.
Completion time: 81 days

Innovation + Cost Effectiveness

Since this expansion was not planned, but instead a reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic, the project timeline and budget were constricted, bolstering the use of modular construction. Within 81 days of signing the contract, BOXX Modular customized four of its Classroom Complexes, transforming the traditional Antique Linen with a Black Diamond Red stripe exterior into a dark charcoal grey to match the aesthetic of its location. All four classroom units within this educational complex feature self-sufficient HVAC systems, Electrical systems including fire and security alarms and siding that encapsulates four exterior walls, should the client decide to separate them. 


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