Black Diamond Group’s Response to COVID-19

Published: April 02, 2020

In response to the current public health threat of the Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19), our top priority is protecting the health and safety of our staff and their families, our customers and our partners. We also have a responsibility to support our communities, those who are vulnerable, and the healthcare providers who are on the front lines of this pandemic.  

Our way is to create a better way, so we have taken it upon ourselves to care for the concerns and needs of our stakeholders better than ever in this sensitive time. Black Diamond has implemented the following measures: What Are We Doing, Our Modular Units, Our Lodges, Our Shared Commitment.

What Are We Doing?

During this unprecedented situation we are following updates and advice from local, national and global health authorities like the WHO, the CDC and the Public Health Agency of Canada, and defer to them for health advisories.  
Further, we have mobilized a Steering Committee at our corporate headquarters who provide regular guidance on how to respond to COVID-19’s continuing development. We are in consistent communication with our employees and are practicing physical distancing.  Our products and services are essential so we continue operations.  While we continue operations we are taking the appropriate steps to ensure we adhere to physical distancing and where possible, our employees are working remotely. 

Our Modular Units

The cleanliness of our units has always been something we are proud of and is something that we strive to maintain. Recently we have taken steps forward to ensure the units we deliver to our valued customers are both clean and sanitized with hospital-approved cleaning agents. Further, our Service Techs who prepare our units now wear a layer of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including goggles, face masks, gloves and cloth coveralls to protect them from sanitizing chemicals and prevent any virus traces from reaching our unit surfaces.

Our Lodges

We have implemented increased measures in each of our Lodges to ensure the heatlh and safety of our employees, guests and contractors.

Increased cleaning measures:   
  • Handwashing and sanitizing guidelines have been posted around our lodges 
  • Safety moments and protocols pertaining to COVID-19 and its associated issues have been sent to and posted around our lodges and discussed with lodge Managers and staff 
  • Frequency of cleaning and sanitizing has been increased for all guest rooms, public spaces and hard surfaces with the use of approved industrial hospital-grade disinfectants 
  • Buffet services are no longer provided, and we have switched meals to takeaway format so guests may eat in their rooms 
  • We have increased the deployment of antibacterial hand sanitizers 
  • We are practicing physical distancing recommendations in all common areas of our lodges 
Entry criteria for our facilities: 
  • Guests, employees and contractors are being screened before arrival or entry at our facilities.  Screening includes recent travel, symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or contact with COVID-19 cases. 
Learn more on our Camps & Lodging website

Our Shared Commitment

Just as we prioritize everybody’s health and safety at our lodges and branches, we ask that you share in that accountability. This means following handwashing and sanitizing guidelines posted in washrooms and shared spaces, practicing good hygiene and etiquette when you cough or sneeze and refraining from handshakes and close contact with our employees and contractors or other lodge guests. It also means scheduling digital meetings, rather than in-person meetings, with your Black Diamond contact, but maintaining a two-metre (six-foot) distance if in-person meetings.
We are grateful for your continued business and faith in us as a service provider during this difficult time. We are prepared, we are confident, and we look forward to doing business with you today and in the future. 

To see how a Black Diamond Group modular unit may benefit your COVID-19 response, visit our Readiness, Response and Recovery page. 

Readiness, Response and Recovery