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About LodgeLink LodgeLink is a Calgary-based company focused on innovative technology-enabled workforce travel services. Our vision is to transform workforce travel. We look at every part of the crew accommodation process with the idea of constantly creating a better experience. We have two major goals: helping businesses find quality accommodations for their crews and helping workforce accommodation owners fill their open rooms. With over 150,000 rooms and more than 1,500 properties listed throughout Canada and the United States, LodgeLink is one of the largest and fastest-growing marketplaces of hotels and lodges in North America. 

About Aero Travel by LodgeLink 
Aero Travel by LodgeLink has been serving Calgary's corporate and vacation travel needs since 1987. Our customers benefit from knowledgeable travel consultants, advanced technology, business and leisure travel management solutions. Aero provides Canadian and international business travel management solutions (workforce accommodations, car rental and air travel) and leisure travel management solutions (vacations, weddings, honeymoon packages, cruises). Aero Travel is proud of its impeccable service standards. Contact Aero Travel if you want to book corporate or leisure travel and never want to deal with a call center again! 

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