Nothing's Tougher than a Diamond

What do you expect from a diamond? No less than brilliance, quality and strength under pressure; and that’s what’s made Black Diamond Group one of the largest remote accommodation, modular building and energy services companies in North America.

With operations in Canada, the United States and Australia our success is built on a strong foundation of long-standing relationships with customers, partners and suppliers. 

Our History

It all began in 2003 with 12 rental units, a clear idea and a solid plan. In Calgary, Alberta a small group of driven entrepreneurs had the belief that a different approach to the modular building industry would create a great company. Out of the gates in 2004 we focused on camps. Not long after in 2005 we introduced BOXX Modular, which brought workspace solutions to a wider array of clients and industries.  Fast forward to 2007 we added a full spectrum of oilfield surface rentals to our existing businesses. 

In 2009 we purchased Sunday Creek Lodge in the heart of Alberta’s oilsands, expanded into the United States, and signed our first Aboriginal Partnership with the Fort Nelson First Nation. 

As our areas of operation continue to multiply, we also recognize our responsibility to the local communities that are impacted by our organization. We invest in our communities through people—by nurturing local community relationships and by providing and developing local infrastructure. It’s our focus on corporate flexibility and diversity that allows us to grow alongside those communities we serve. 

We still do things differently because we know that makes all the difference. 

We’re not new at this, but we’ve only just begun. 
​Our expansion
Today, Black Diamond Modular Space Solutions fleet has reached approx.
6,000 units and our Workforce Accommodations fleet stands at approx. 14,000 bed. We serve multiple markets and customers throughout Canada, US and Australia.