Sunday Creek Lodge

Quick Facts

  • Project called for full-turnkey accommodations for a remote area.
  • A fully self-sufficient camp was designed and built, using a hotel-style model to make guests feel comfortable despite the isolation.
  • First place, 2010 Modular Building Institute's Award of Distinction in the Temporary: Institutional or Assembly (over 5,000 sq. ft.) category.
Client:  Sunday Creek Lodge
Industry: Oil and Gas
Location: Conklin, AB
Building Use: Workforce Accommodation
Size of Project: 225,000 ft2
Completion time: 79 Days


Innovation + cost effectiveness

Opened in December 2009, this northern Alberta facility is more hotel than camp, with a central core thoughtfully designed to detract from the isolation workers could face in this remote location.
The facility includes the following features:
  • A 16 foot rock wall creates a refined entranceway for guests.
  • Elevated arctic corridors provide year-round comfort and climate control.
  • A premium games room features lounge seating, fireplace & games tables.
  • The spacious, professional-quality gym boasts commercial grade fitness equipment, sports flooring, with individual entertainment systems tied into each cardio station.
  • The food service amenities compete with bustling New York bistros, featuring a dynamic and varied menu. The dining facilities are thoughtfully designed to meet high-volume demand. The market bistro-style décor is casual & inviting with seamless flooring, ambient lighting & spacious seating.
  • Creative custom hardwood millwork is peppered throughout the lodge complex – accent walls and picture ledges camouflage wiring boxes, power panels and other unsightly elements.
The camp dining facilities have been twinned to double the efficiency of the food service capabilities during peak times – two dining rooms, two service lines and two 4-sided, custom-built refrigerated salad station islands make busy mealtimes a snap. During slow shifts one side can be completely closed off, increasing the efficiency of the area. High-end kitchen equipment, top grade stainless steel and no-slip kitchen flooring create a safe and efficient working environment for staff.
The dining facility also features a rig box area to house large volumes of pre-packaged hot and cold lunches for offsite workers, engineered HVAC systems for quality air flow and high efficiency furnaces for year-round comfort.
A self-contained water treatment plant on site feeds the lodge with fresh, potable water. This feature alone results in an annual cost saving of over half a million dollars. Future development will include the construction of a self-contained sewage treatment plant, making the lodge completely self-sufficient, increasing the cost-effectiveness even further.

In addition, the design and layout of the central core allows certain areas to be closed off during slower times, consolidating guests and resulting in increased time-efficiencies for staff.