Washrooms, Showers and Laundry Centres for Stoney First Nations during COVID-19

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June 12, 2020
In early April, the Stoney Tribal Administration began taking precautions and thinking about COVID-19 response options to protect their community from the virus. The community needed a safe and central space for anyone possibly infected with COVID-19 to use the washroom, shower and do their laundry without potentially spreading the virus to other community members.

While searching for a solution and after some deliberation, the Tribal Administration approached BOXX Modular, who proposed a solution that would work for the Nation in its pandemic response. Shortly after, in mid-April, the contract was signed and the BOXX Modular and Workforce Solutions teams got to work preparing units for the community’s response. 

Within approximately seven days of signing the contract, BOXX Modular delivered four units to the Morley Community School, and began installation on day eight. 

The installation included a shower, lavatory, and laundry unit. The shower unit includes 16 individual showers and bathrooms and two laundry rooms with three washing machines each. The lavatory unit houses seven toilet stalls, four urinals and standalone potable water tanks. The laundry unit also includes standalone water tanks and four washer/dryer pairs. Each of the four units is fitted with enhanced ventilation systems for clean-air circulation, hand sanitizer stations, standard propane-powered heat and electrical connections for power. 

The units were fully installed and ready to use by Friday, May 1. The Morley Community School was designated the ideal space, as it is central within the Stoney Tribal Community, and as schools across Alberta closed, it followed suit, posing no risk of spreading the virus to school students.