Little Prairie Lodge moves to more sustainable fuel

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October 28, 2021
In August of this year Little Prairie Lodge, our open lodge located in Chetwynd BC, transitioned its power generation to a cleaner, more environmentally friendly propane generation. Previously, the Lodge had been powered by diesel generators; this change has led to a significant reduction in emissions at the Lodge. 
Some of the benefits realized as a result of this change include:
  • Environmental Benefits: Switching to propane generation offers the benefits of reduced emissions. Carbon emissions will be reduced and particulate matter will drop by 98% (when diesel is swapped out for liquified propane).  In addition to the emission reductions gaseous generation also offers the benefit of the complete elimination of the risk of spills.
  • Fuel Cost Savings: With propane as a fuel source, the cost to run these generators is reduced. 
  • Remote Monitoring: Both the generators and fuel tanks at the Lodge are equipped with 24/7 remote monitoring. For the generators, we can monitor the fuel consumption, electrical load, estimated emissions, and 30 alarms related to the integrity of the equipment. Lodge operators receive real-time updates to their own smart devices.
  • Maintenance Savings: Gaseous generators require maintenance every 750 operating hours as opposed to diesel generators, which require routine maintenance every 350 operating hours; we expect the maintenance costs to drop by >38%.
Congratulations to the WFS team on implementing this innovative, cost-saving, energy efficient solution!
Information contributed by Rob Wilson, GM, Operations