Energy Services: From a Bank to a Dorm

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September 09, 2019
One of the many benefits of modular is the flexibility of the units. 

Over the last year, Energy Services has refurbished numerous of its underutilized 14x70 BOXX units. Previously, these empty-wheeled units were being used as temporary banks, classrooms, offices and church space.

However, now the units have been repurposed into 3-, 4- or 5-person individual dorms with a private bathroom, as well as double-wide recreation halls. These configurations are currently being used on site by energy-producing companies in Pecos, Texas, as it provides a practical solution to accommodate workers in remote areas.

Caption: 4-person refurbished dorm with private bathroom

Black Diamond Energy Services​ provides equipment rental, lease and service solutions for Exploration and Production companies in the oil and gas sector, with six ​locations in North America:
  • ​Estevan, Saskatchewan
  • Fort Lupton, Colorado
  • Fort St. John, British Colombia
  • Grande Prairie, Alberta
  • ​North Dakota ​
  • Midland, Texas