Bringing Future Focused training to Ontario

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January 27, 2022

In fall 2021, a town in northern Ontario became home to a new major gold mine project, which we built the workforce accommodations for. In addition to providing units to build the lodge, we committed to working with the local First Nation to provide a training program for students to become certified to work on this project.

Black Diamond Group along with training partners helped local students in the nearby Ontario community prepare for future careers in mining.

The course

The training course consisted of four components: Future Focused, Worker Fatigue and Shift Work, Safety Training and Be Well to Do Well.

Over the course of three months, from June to September 2021, eight students participated in a series of virtual and in-person training sessions that instilled interpersonal values and taught career and life management and practical on-the-job skills. 

Self-care and mental health skills for managing burnout and stress were woven into the curriculum with subjects like Managing Shift Work, Emergency First Aid, Traffic Control and Surface Mining Common Core. The course covered everything from A to Z that these students need to manage themselves on a demanding worksite, arming them with all the tools needed to be successful on the job.

Creating opportunities

The Future Focused training program has created new opportunities for these local community members. After months of hard work, long hours in the classroom and a new respect for the mining business, the students graduated from the program with a certificate and all the relevant tickets they need to work on either the upcoming mining project, or the lodge installation. 

“Black Diamond, in coordination with our community, worked alongside our team to develop this successful training program,” remarks Judy Desmoulin, Chief, Long Lake 58 First Nation. “The program provided our members with both in-class training and certifications as well as on-the-job skill development. Our members were able to find meaningful employment and developed skills that are transferable to other projects within our area. Black Diamond was a great partner on the project!” 


Thank you

We would like to thank everyone at Black Diamond Group who was involved in coordinating this training session and making the months-long course a success!