Black Diamond Group's 3 Things 4 Neighbours

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November 09, 2020
Mark Becker, COO & President, Workforce Accommodations, Forestry and Energy Services at Horizon North Logistics nominated our Chairman and CEO Trevor Haynes for the 3 Things 4 Neighbours challenge. Watch our video, where Trevor outlines all the ways our Company, and staff, has made our communities a better place to live during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Started by Calgary business owner Usman Tahir Jutt, the 3 Things 4 Neighbours challenge began as a way to inspire Calgarians to perform three acts of kindness for their neighbours or communities.  His goal was to galvanize business leaders to share stories of kindness while we navigate through the pandemic, and then pay it forward by challenging their peers to do the same. 

“Black Diamond’s mission is to create a better way,” says Trevor Haynes. “This belief guided our company before the pandemic and continues to be our guiding point as we navigate through these challenging times.”
Watch our video, where Trevor Haynes outlines all the ways Black Diamond and our employees have made our communities better places to live during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Thank you to all our employees for helping in your communities during these trying times!