How Black Diamond Group can help with disaster recovery

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October 04, 2021
Over the month of September, we’ve discussed the many facets of disaster preparedness on our social media. Now, it’s time to shift our focus to finding support in the areas of disaster relief and recovery.

Disaster preparedness consists of four main steps:
  1. Making a plan, 
  2. Building a kit
  3. Educating colleagues, friends and family about your plan
  4. Testing your system through practice. 
Following these steps – particularly practicing with drills and exercises – is critical to ensuring you are prepared when disaster strikes. It’s important that once you’ve done all four, you have them at the ready to apply to real-world disasters; once they’ve all been battle-tested you will be ready to reflect on your preparedness. 
Reflection is an opportunity to catch your breath after experiencing a disaster and determine how you can be even better prepared better the next time. For businesses and government agencies, there is much more to think about.
There are many scenarios that could require the need for flexible, modular space; Black Diamond Group is an industry leader in disaster recovery services and a trusted supplier of emergency preparedness assets across North America. 

Our Disaster Relief solutions

In addition to our top-of-the-line modular buildings for rent or sale, we offer disaster-relief solutions, starting with planning. We meet with clients to determine their needs and can quickly deploy federally compliant modular solutions. We provide everything required to manage the disaster response. from the buildings themselves to the furnishings inside, along with the power supply necessary for crews working around the clock. From concept to completion, we deliver fully functional disaster response solutions in the most demanding environments.

Wildfire Response

When a historic wildfire devastated Paradise California in 2018, Black Diamond Group responded with the Camp Fire Lodge. In just over two months, our team mobilized nearly 300 modules across provincial, federal and state borders to deploy a turnkey 1,500-person Lodge. This state-of-the-art facility was home to volunteers and site workers helping to clean up the destruction caused by the wildfire. The lodge was a home away from home, equipped with comfortable bedrooms and washrooms, interior and exterior recreation spaces, gyms and a full-service dining hall. We responded to this call quickly, deploying over approximately 300 units from Alberta to California, playing a pivotal role in the restoration of Paradise. 

Tornado and Hurricane Relief

In 2014, an EF-4 tornado ripped through and destroyed Winston Medical Center (WMC) in Louisville, Mississippi, and a replacement medical center had to be deployed rapidly. Our BOXX Modular business got to work quickly and delivered a fully functional clinic/screening facility including interior build-out and customization, concrete building access systems, fire alarm and associated work in only nine days! 
When lives are at stake, disaster preparedness and response is critical to ensure families can return home and businesses can get to serving the community. You can learn more about our Disaster Relief services at