Disaster Recovery Facilities Program

When it comes to disaster planning, preparation is key. MPA Systems Disaster Recovery Facilities Program offers a strategic plan that deploys a financial facility within 24-72 hours of a disaster such as tornadoes, hurricanes, floods or fires.

This program complies with your business continuity plan. 

Let MPA help manage your risk and keep your business running

Although every disaster scenario cannot be anticipated, it is a contingency planner’s job to anticipate as many risks as possible and provide solutions. MPA Systems can assist you with your disaster solutions planning by providing you with six month’s free use of a financial facility with guaranteed availability, and with the equipment needed to keep the vital areas of your business running. 

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Two Program Options Available

MPA Systems offers both standard and economy programs to fit your needs. Both of these programs offer guaranteed availability of a modular financial facility. As an enrolled program member you receive these buildings with no transportation,  installation, or removal fees.
Featured Specs

Standard Program

(14 x 70 building)

Economy Program

(12 x 40 building)

Drive-up Window
Night Depository
Teller Stations
Enclosed Office  
Security Camera/Alarms  
Computer Wiring  
Additional Offerings

Added Value to your Buildings

Whether you are purchasing or leasing a modular building or require a financial facility in the event of a disaster, MPA Systems offers a wide variety of additional offerings to get your business up and running quickly and efficiently.

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Why MPA Systems

Experience & Quality

For over 50 years, we have provided temporary or permanent modular buildings, from our existing fleet or custom built, for financial institutions and other businesses with high-security and upscale facility requirements.

Diverse Buildings

Our buildings allow customers to quickly establish a new retail location, a facility for use in a disaster situation, remodeling project, during new construction, or a permanent facility available on short notice.

Disaster Recovery Program

If you need a fully functional financial services building delivered to a location within 24 to 72 hours following a disaster situation, we have the support and expertise you need.