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Bank of Commonwealth leased a modular building from MPA to serve as a temporary bank facility while constructing our permanent branch.  From the first communication with MPA to the last, when the unit was returned, I could not have asked for anyone to be more accommodating and great to work with.  Every member of the MPA team was willing to go the extra mile, from the delivery driver and set-up crew to the back-office folks working out the logistics of our arrangement.  As is the case in many construction projects, ours had its share of delays which required us to extend our lease term more than once.  My requests were handled smoothly, even when I could not provide tentative dates for the removal of your building.

I cannot thank the people who represent MPA enough for the way in which our relationship was handled, making one part of the construction phase a "stress-free" one.  Too often companies only hear when employees fail to do their job.  I wanted to let you know what a great team of people you have and highly recommend MPA without reservation.
Karen M. Wilson, Senior Vice President, Facilities Management
Bank of the Commonwealth 
As I was looking to renew our contract with MPA Systems, I realized I needed to say "thank you." As you well know, when Hurricane Rita struck in September 2005, our bank suffered extensive damage. Our building was damaged so badly that it took ten months to complete the construction before it was usable. I just want to let you know I appreciated the fast response. Bridge City Bank called MPA on Saturday, September 24th and the following Tuesday you guys were on our premises. When we needed an additional facility, your company delivered it in the same week. Ordinarily it is difficult for me to sign contracts, but your company made this easy. I also want you to know that all our needs were met when we ran into obstacles; and I might add that the company you used to deliver our facility was very professional, as well as flexible. Thank you again.
Jerry Davidson, President/CEO
Bridge City Bank
Although we have had a great business relationship for the past ten years, I can't express how happy I was to hear from you after hurricane Katrina passed. You did everything we needed, when we needed it, including anticipating our need for large diesel generators. Our First Street office in Slidell was flooded with over four feet of water, but with your help and the help of the city of Slidell, we were the first bank operational in Slidell after the storm. Thanks for being there when we needed you.
Peter J. Link, Executive Vice President
Parish National Bank 
When Katrina struck, the management of Omni Bank faced many unknowns. Among the most stressing to me was the uncertainty of how or when we'd re-open our severely flood-damaged main office. I remember placing a call to you in that first week to discuss MPA's Disaster Recovery Program, and inquiring how quickly a modular banking unit could be delivered to our site. Frankly, I had no faith in your response that MPA could deliver and set-up a modular building within 48 hours of our acceptance of your assistance offer. To my surprise and delight, the building was delivered just as you promised, and we were up and running the following week. MPA really came through for us, and continued to be there for us through the entire re-construction process. Though doubters at first, we are now firm believers in the MPA Disaster Recovery Program. I certainly am not looking forward to having to re-use your services again, but should we be revisited by such a calamity, I can take comfort knowing that MPA is a tried and tested commodity, and that you will be there for us in the worst of times. Others make promises. MPA delivers. Thank you for all your help.

Gary M. Guidry, Vice President - Building & Facilities Department
Omni Bank
I wanted to thank you for assisting Resource Bank in the leasing of a modular building to use as a temporary branch during the construction of our permanent Slidell office. I was thoroughly satisfied with the entire process. All of the staff I dealt with from my initial order, to the building delivery, set-up and shipment back to your plant was professional, knowledgeable and extremely easy to deal with. I can highly recommend your company to any financial institution considering leasing such a building. 
Paul J. LaRocca, Jr., Executive Vice President
Resource Bank
Savannah Bank, NA appreciates the fast professional service we received from MPA Systems, Inc. during our branch expansion in 2006. Your service allowed us to open our new office sooner than expected. The building was delivered on time in excellent, clean condition ready to open. I would highly recommend MPA Systems, Inc. to anyone who needs quick, professional service when it comes to a temporary modular banking facility. We appreciate all you have done for us and look forward to working with you in 2007.

Thomas E. Gancy, CEO
Savannah Bank, N.A.
Thanks to MPA Systems, Inc. for delivering a first-rate product as well as excellent customer service. Coastal Commerce Bank has used MPA for permanent bank facilities as well as temporary branch locations. The branching-out process is always time sensitive and it is imperative to complete the process as quickly as possible. Picking the right vendor to help with this task is critical. The folks at MPA have worked attentively with us to assure that we have the building we need as well as bank equipment, whether we need it permanently or just for six months. Coastal Commerce Bank has enjoyed a great working relationship with MPA Systems, Inc. and we look forward to working with them in the future. 
Donna McKey, Executive Vice President
Coastal Commerce Bank
Please accept this note as a heartfelt thank you for the service you provided Orange Savings Bank shortly after Hurricane Rita's eye traveled directly over our city. To say the least, the storm caused mass ice devastation and crippled our city as well as surrounding areas. Although we are thankful that we did not have to call upon MPA for use of mobile bank buildings (our buildings for the most part were miraculously spared), you were able to provide (outside of our contractual agreements I might add) us with electrical power generators for our various branch locations. Without these generators, we would have been unable to reopen business for many days, resulting in great inconvenience and financial hardship for our banking customers. In fact, you might like to know that with MPA's assistance, we were the first financial institution to reopen for business in the county. Again, thank you for being there for us, and being a reliable partner and component of our disaster recovery plan.
William D Klein, EVP/CFO
Orange Savings Bank