Emergency Planning and Rapid Response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

With a variety of layouts and customizable setups, our units are a fast and efficient way to immediately fulfill your rapidly evolving needs.  Deploying reliable and relocatable space solutions enables critical services to be up and running in a matter of hours. Our equipment is geographically dispersed and ready for mobilization. Saving precious time and money when it matters most. 

Critical assets available for immediate deployment

Lavatory Units
Can be used as handwashing stations, overflow facilities, and de-densification of existing lavatory facilitie
Accommodations (Dorms)
Available in a wide variety of configurations for use as quarantine facilities, sleeping quarters for staff and dormitory quarters.
Modular Offices
Available in a variety of sizes and configurations (from 160 sq. ft to 100,000 sq. ft) including units with and without washrooms that can be used as screening and testing facilities, triage units, nursing stations, waiting rooms and more.
Accommodations (Single-Unit, Stand-Alone Facilities)
Ideal for locations with limited square footage, these units can be used as quarantine facilities for individuals and/or families that wish to remain together or sleeping quarters for staff and healthcare workers.
Versatile meal preparation units for staff, site workers or individuals under quarantine or isolation.
As an industry leader in workforce accommodations, we have a number of operating lodges that are open to public during this time of need. In response to COVID-19 we implemented a number of additional protocols related to food service, sanitization & disinfecting and screening of guests.


Modular units offer the perfect solution for temporary office space expansions. Units are available in a variety of configurations and can be delivered as singular units or combined to form a complex and are prefabricated and built to code.

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Ongoing Projects Supporting COVID-19

Grey Bruce Hospital
"Thank you so very much for all the hard work you and your staff did to get the trailer to our site so quickly, your efforts are very much appreciated, by our entire organization. The trailer is being used as an Assessment Center, to screen people for Covid -19 before they enter our Emerg Dept. to prevent our Docs and Nurses from being overwhelmed. So far this process has been a huge success and is working better that we could have imagined. " - Grey Bruce Hospital 
Government of Canada
We have provided remote Indigenous communities with units that will be used by their communities in responding to the COVID Pandemic.

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