A First in Canada – PARC Retirement Living Family Meetup Centres

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May 29, 2020
Britco was proud to be part of an initiative that is being called the first of its kind in Canada. We recently repurposed five of our Bulldog Site Office Trailers into contained Family Meetup Centres where residents of retirement homes in British Columbia can safely visit with their families during COVID-19. 

In May 2020, PARC Retirement Living in British Columbia reached out to Britco with a request: Help us help our residents reconnect with their families. COVID-19 has been hard on so many, but for those living in tightly secured retirement living facilities, finding comfort in family connection quickly became difficult. The Britco team jumped to action, performing alterations, delivery and quick setup of our popular and compact Bulldog site office trailers to the five different PARC facilities in the province. 

There is a partition in the middle of the office trailer, fitted with a plexiglass window and HEPA filter to prevent any potential viruses from spreading, and two separate entrances for each party to enter the unit without contact. The unit is sanitized between each family visit so multiple meetings can happen every day. 

“Thank you for rising to the challenge and making this happen so quickly,” says Russell Hobbs, Vice President, Development & Construction at PARC Retirement Living. “It really is making a difference in the lives of our residents and their families.”

Click here to take a tour of the Meetup Centre and join a firsthand experience with one resident in Burnaby.