SmartSpace® modular systems are the next generation of innovative, portable and temporary multi-purpose workspace solutions from BOXX Modular. The unique "building block" design allows for easy, affordable, flexible deployment for every job in every environment.

Quick, easy setup allows this custom workspace to be ready to go as soon as it arrives on site, saving you time and money in the process.

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Key Features Key Features
  • Built with fire and mold resistant "green" technology
  • Weatherproofing for extreme environments
  • Non-combustible steel frame building with detachable foam core galvanized walls
  • Durable, versatile portable units with four designs - single, double, four, or stacked module
  • Large modules can be stacked as high as they are wide - a three-unit base supports a three-level module
  • The basic box can be designed and combined in many configurations, however, units are sold and shipped as separate pieces
  • Set up to provide support for managing disasters
  • Multi-use redeployable structures that are easily transported for rapid response and meet FEMA's preparedness requirements
Applications Applications
  • Offices
  • Emergency shelters
  • Medical
  • Security
  • Classrooms
  • Events
  • Meeting centers
  • Locker facilities
  • Washrooms
  • Concession stands
  • Small format retail

Benefits of SmartSpace®

SmartSpace® is a versatile, multi-purpose modular space system that incorporates a building block design that can be complexed, end-to-end, side-by-side, stacked, two and three story, unique building block design capabilities.


- Ready for use immediately upon arriving at site and set
- Ground level walk-up easy access


- Same great features as conventional office space but all steel construction adds protection


- Change a complete set of wall panels - four man-hours
- Complex two units - two man-hours, complete
- Stack two-story - two man-hours, complete


- Green construction, fire resistant, mold resistant
- Extremely low maintenance costs over longer life
- Repair by panel capability
Why modular?

Benefits of Modular Buildings

Time Savings = Cost Savings
High-Quality. Built to Code. Greener.
Flexible. Fast. Relocatable.

Why BOXX Modular

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