Kidney Care Center Dialysis Treatment Facility

Quick Facts

  • Kidney Care needed a new dialysis treatment facility for patients in Lubbock and surrounding areas to provide lifesaving care
  • The facility needed to feature a drive-through drop-off zone to be protected from the elements and be handicap accessible 
  • Kidney Care requested that the Lubbock, TX location be designed to remain consistent with a previously built facility in another state
  • The specialized purpose of this building required considerable attention to the HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical design, as well as design provisions for emergency water and back-up electrical power for all patient areas
Client: Kidney Care
Industry: Healthcare 
Location: Lubbock, TX
Building Use: Dialysis Treatment Facility
Size of Project: 8,420 sq. ft.
Completion time: 239 days
Honorable mention at the 2021 MBI Awards of Distinction!

Innovation + Cost Effectiveness

Kidney Care and BOXX Modular worked closely together to design, plan and construct an attractive and fit-for-purpose permanent dialysis treatment facility in under a year whose design remained consistent with other client-owned facilities. With 70% of the overall construction being completed within the controlled environment of the building manufacturer off site, the on-site construction of foundations, utilities and paving occurred simultaneously resulting in reduced costs and shortened project schedule. Installation of critical applications like the water treatment system occurred while remaining exterior finishes were being performed. With effective and timely coordination of all project disciplines the project was completed faster than other methods, which allowed the client to begin seeing patients and realizing revenues sooner.


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