Choose Modular this Upcoming School Year

Choose Modular this Upcoming School Year

Modular Building – Your Classroom Solution

BOXX Modular | Spectrum has a full fleet of high-quality, built-to-code portable classrooms to suit your education needs, both short term and long term. We keep our stock well-maintained and in like-new condition, so whether you need a single classroom or an entire campus, you can rest assured you are receiving the best units on the market.  

While our classroom units come in multiple sizes – 14' x 45' to 24' x 64' – they are fully customizable to meet your needs. Add wall partitions, rent, lease or buy desks and chairs, or outfit the units with your own products.  

Benefits of Modular Classrooms

Quick – They can be designed, engineered, delivered, and installed in months, not years. 

Affordable – We offer several leasing and purchasing options, including our flexible lease rates and monthly rental terms.   

Portable – The classrooms are easy to move from school to school as the demand for enrollment increases or decreases.

Concerned about physical distancing?

Six-foot physical distancing is possible and easy with our modular units. We can help you meet guidelines through the design and set-up process, so your students and teachers have extra space and peace of mind.  

With the increased requirements for hand washing and sanitizing, our units can also be delivered with built-in washrooms, standalone lavatory units or full hand-washing stations.  

Call us or visit our list of current inventory to see what we have in-stock. 

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