Our Brands

MPA Systems

MPA Systems, LLC, is a BOXX Modular company.  MPA Systems, LLC specializes in leasing and selling high-security modular, transportable buildings to financial institutions and other office/service organizations, providing Disaster Recovery Facility programs, and offering full turnkey services across the United States.

Learn more about MPA Systems: http://www.mpasystems.com 

Vanguard Modular Building Systems

Vanguard Modular Building Systems provides awesome temporary modular buildings and permanent modular building construction solutions for education, business, healthcare, and government use.  A prominent custom modular building dealer based in the United States, Vanguard Modular delivers the highest quality affordable modular classrooms, modular offices, and custom modular specialty buildings for lease and sale.

Learn more about Vanguard Modular Building Systems: https://vanguardmodular.com/

Schiavi Leasing Corporation

Schiavi Leasing Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vanguard Modular Building Systems, LLC. Since 1989, Schiavi Leasing has been serving education and commercial clients with modular classrooms and offices throughout the northern New England states, including: Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire. 

Learn more about Schiavi Leasing Corporation: http://www.schiavileasingcorp.com/