Configure. Construct. Connect


SmartSpace modular systems are the next generation of innovative, portable and temporary workspace solutions from BOXX Modular. The unique “building block” design allows for easy, affordable, flexible deployment—no matter the use.

With SmartSpace, custom workspace modules are ready to go as soon as they arrive on site, so you can spend time on what’s important—the work.

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Configure your plan

SmartSpace takes modular construction to a new level of efficiency and flexibility without compromising on quality and durability. With a unique, stream-lined design and customizable configurations, SmartSpace provide the innovative flexibilty for changing space needs. 

Construct your BOXX

Assembled in only a few hours, SmartSpace units are more cost-effective than traditional construction with a smaller footprint. 

The steel frame provides a durable structure while the thick, galvanized walls stand up to even the most challenging climates. Interiors can easily be customized with heating and cooling accessories, and integrated with electrical systems. 

Connect your space

From an office or meeting center to a modular classroom, SmartSpace systems can change as fast as your requirements do. The “building-block” design, with detachable walls, floors and roofs enable you to create stackable complexes to suit the unique configuration and build requirements of your specific locations.

Movable panels, energy efficient design and a vast selection of add-on fixtures and furnishing. Discover the endless possiblities with SmartSpace.