Shower, Lavatory and Laundry Units at Morley School

Shower, Lavatory and Laundry Units at Morley School

2,664 sq. ft. | 7 days

Quick Facts

  • Stoney Tribal Administration needed a central location for any of their community members potentially infected with COVID-19 to shower, use washroom facilities and clean their laundry. 
  • The solution needed to be temporary but secure and fit in a tight space between the Morley Community School and its back courtyard.
Client: Stoney Tribal Administration
Location: Morley, AB
Building Use: Temporary Laundry, Lavatory and Shower units for people potentially infected with COVID-19
Size of Project: 2,664 sq. ft.
Completion time: 7 days

Innovation + Cost Effectiveness

The installation included one shower complex, one lavatory, and one laundry unit. The shower unit includes 12 individual showers and bathrooms, plus an additional larger bathroom area in each side, and two laundry rooms housing three washer/dryer combo units each. The lavatory units house seven toilet stalls, four urinals, wall-mounted sinks with on-demand hot water and standalone potable water tanks. The laundry unit also includes standalone water tanks, basin sinks and four washer/dryer pairs. Each of the three units is fitted with enhanced ventilation systems for clean-air circulation, hand sanitizer stations, standard propane-powered heat and electrical connections for power. The units were sourced from our existing fleet, requiring no new construction and significantly decreased project costs. Our client owned the land, so additional land did not have to be rented. 

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