Frontier Commercial Office

Frontier Commercial Office

7 months

Quick Facts

  • BOXX Modular wanted to showcase to current and prospective customers a fully-functioning, modern, modular office space
  • Features include reception area, boardroom, private offices, kitchen and staff dining area
  • This remote office was tested and proven during the historic Calgary flood of 2013 when critical staff from the evacuated and shut-down downtown location were immediately relocated to the offsite office, which remained fully operational
Client: BOXX Modular N.A.
Industry: Commercial and Shop
Location: Rocky View, Alberta
Building Use:  Commercial Office
Size of Project: 6.22 acres land development, 4 unit office and 80’ x 96’ fabric shop on concrete foundation
Completion time: 7 months

Innovation + cost effectiveness

This modular office complex was designed to include a spacious and welcoming reception area, a full-size boardroom featuring an etched glass wall partition, full-sized private offices and cubicle areas, plus a well-appointed kitchen and staff dining area. The office is outfitted with contemporary décor and lighting throughout.

In addition to functioning as a fully-operational regional branch office for BOXX Modular, this office was designed as an off-site emergency command center for BOXX Modular’s parent company, Black Diamond Group. Located outside the municipality of Calgary, Alberta, the office was designed to enable a seamless remote work environment for critical staff which was tested and proven 100% successful during the historic flooding of Calgary in the summer of 2013 that shut-down the downtown core for a full business week. Business critical staff were immediately relocated to the offsite center to work unaffected during the entire crisis. 

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