Ellis Don – Toronto Transit Commission

Ellis Don – Toronto Transit Commission

8,640 sq. ft | 40 days

Quick facts

  • The Toronto Transit Commission needed a custom on-site space to accommodate a multidisciplinary team of engineers, consultants, inspectors, and administration staff
  • BOXX Modular, along with manufacturing partner Enfab designed, built and installed an 8,640 square foot facility comprising of two modular office complexes
  • The finished facility is a multi-functional space, and comprised of administrative offices, executive offices, conference rooms, restrooms, and a kitchen area
Client: Ellis Don – Toronto Transit Commission
Industry: Construction
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Building Use:  Subway Station Construction Office
Size of Project: 8,640 sq. ft
Completion time: 40 days

Innovation + cost effectiveness

BOXX Modular delivered a custom-built 8,640 square foot modular facility comprising of two distinct office complexes, within 40 days. The buildings were manufactured frameless with a steel exterior and a triple beam perimeter. This made them extremely durable and ensured that the structural integrity wouldn’t be compromised if the buildings were relocated.  

When, in the middle of the manufacturing process, the prime contractor requested a last minute design change to allow for more space, BOXX Modular remained flexible, and adapted as requested. The change request was accommodated with no delay in the project timeline. 

The building design was critical as the client required an exceptionally durable and safe product to suit the working environment. The modular complex was constructed using thermal windows for higher energy efficiency, allowing for natural light and quality heat insulation.

Modular construction allowed the office complex to be completed in a fraction of the time it would have taken for conventional construction. Even more time was saved, because site preparation took place while the buildings were being manufactured. This concurrent construction process provided the Toronto Transit Commission with quick installations and minimal disturbances at site, making it a fast and streamlined solution for the construction project.  Being a rental project, the Toronto Transit Commission did not have to concern themselves with having to dispose of or relocate the facility after the project, as dismantling and removal is managed by BOXX Modular. 
During a subway construction project, Toronto Transit Commission needed a custom workspace for a multidisciplinary team of engineers, consultants, inspectors, and administration staff.

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