Helping our communities through COVID-19 one BOXX at a time

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May 28, 2020
COVID-19 began largely affecting businesses in Canada and the United States in early March, mandating people to keep safe distances of six feet – or two metres – from one another. It also required some workplaces to implement pre-entry screening practices and pushed medical centres to find extra space for their hard-working doctors, nurses and specialists to rest between shifts.

Life has not been the same for billions of people since this pandemic began, and business hasn’t been “business as usual.” As an essential service, BOXX Modular has been instrumental in helping companies continue to operate and assisting healthcare workers in the fight against the novel coronavirus. We are in the business of finding and providing extra space for those who need it, beyond providing construction sites with temporary office space. Here is how that extra space has been used as hospital screening centres and additional social distancing space.

Hospital Screening Centres
To date, BOXX has dispatched units to medical centres to serve as screening facilities. Many of these screening centre facilities have been delivered with value-added products like portable sinks, folding tables and chairs. Several more units have been delivered across the country to serve as additional offices, lunchrooms and extra social distancing accommodations.
428x300_ModularUnitsDeployedDuringCOVID19_BritcoScreening.jpg One of our 10x52’ units being used on Vancouver Island as a temporary COVID-19 screening facility.

In an interview with Global News, Black Diamond Group’s CEO, Trevor Haynes, said, “You can essentially create a field hospital based on the various components that we have in our fleet of assets,” speaking to the accessibility, mobility and versatility of modular space.

Social Distancing
The term “built to code” has taken on a new meaning in recent weeks as six-foot, or two-metre, distances between people are being enforced. One standard modular unit on a work site can no longer easily accommodate 50 workers at a time while allowing these distances to be respected. Regardless of how much extra space a company needs and the configuration they desire, modular units serve the purpose of social distancing brilliantly.
428x300_ModularUnitsDeployedDuringCOVID19_BOXXNiskuAlbertaPortableLavatory-(1).jpg This lavatory unit is currently being rented by a mod yard in Nisku, AB to help limit the number of employees and contractors present in washrooms at one time. 
“The BOXX Modular teams have done a great job reaching out to clients across many different market sectors to complete projects related to COVID-19 and its effects,” says Bob Kucherawy, Regional Manager, BOXX North America - Canada East. “We may see a second spike in requests for our products – including our Value Added Products (VAPS) like tables, chairs and self-contained sinks – as companies seek solutions to reopen safely while meeting physical spacing and hygiene-maintenance requirements. Keeping proactive and meeting client needs promptly has helped us through this pandemic and will continue to help us do business as the situation evolves.”