Used Buildings For Sale

BOXX Modular offers an inventory of used single unit modular buildings for sale. Our multi-use portable units are available with significant savings over buying a new modular building.

We have a selection of modular units for diverse applications and will have you covered with an affordable option. Call us and we will help find the best used building option for your next project.

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Application Application
  • Construction trailers
  • Offices and/or reception areas
  • Change rooms, lunch rooms, first aid buildings
  • Units for the transportation industry
  • Kiosks (such as those for conservation officers or ticket sales)
  • Tourist attraction facilities (such as ski hill lodges or zipline providers)
  • Hunting / fishing lodges or buildings
  • Manufacturing facilities
Used Buildings For Immediate Sale

Used Single Wide Buildings

Used Buildings For Immediate Sale

Used Lavatory Buildings

Two options available

  • 800 Gallon onboard water tank
  • Separate sewage tank
  • Separate aluminum grip strut steps w/ handrails
  • 800 gallon onboard water tank c/w 2” Kam-loc fill connection & 3” overflow pipe
  • 800 gallon onboard sewage tank c/w 3” drain connection and 4” inlet for main sewage line
  • c/w 2” “city water” inlet, sewer lines
  • Fold Down Steps & Landings Included

Additional Offerings

We can take your worries away and arrange additional services such as setting up propane and power so units can be up and running within days.
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