Lavatory/ washroom

Lavatory/ washroom

modular buildings

Flexible Designs, Diverse Applications

Available in male and female designs, complete with removable wall partitions, and no set-up required on site, these flexible mobile lavatory/washroom layouts work for any situation. Ideal for construction sites, schools, events and more. Standard or custom designs available.
Prairies Ontario East British Columbia

Serving customers in BC through Britco

Our washcars are ideal for special events, festivals, schools and construction sites.

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BOXX Prairies Products

Office Complexes
Self-contained Skid-framed Lavatory/Washroom
Don’t want to manage separate holding tanks with different suppliers? We’ve got you covered. Our self-contained washrooms are equipped with built-in holding tanks and water supply to complete your event venue, construction sites and more. 
Portable Offices
Skid-framed Lavatory/Washroom
Our skid-framed washroom units are equipped with a water supply. Additional layout options available to fit your project needs. 

BOXX Ontario East Products

Portable Offices
Wheeled Lavatory/Washroom
Fully transportable wheeled lavatory/washroom