Blast Resistant Structures

Protect your workers with blast resistant-buildings

Are industrial explosions or blasts a risk – or even part of the process – on your worksites? If so, you know how important your safety programs are, and the value of a safety-focused work culture.

But sometimes that’s not enough. Even during the most well-planned operations, workers have been known to suffer injury from industrial explosions or blasts.

That’s why BOXX Modular provides a range of hard-wall and soft-shell, portable blast resistant structures.

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  • Blast resistant buildings - built and designed to withstand explosions, blasts and extreme weather
  • Air shelters - there’s no need to recreate your large, essential buildings, with this blast-resistant air shelter that forms a protective shell

Air Shelter

Portable air shelters for any situation

BOXX Modular blast resistant air shelters, are designed and engineered to protect workers from all types of hazardous conditions on worksites. From refineries to mineral exploration sites, forestry to military environments, our blast resistant air shelters are tested and proven to keep people safe and sound.
Designed with efficiency in mind, they’re safe, compact, and easy to deploy – and more affordable than other options on the market. 
Key Features Key Features
  • Includes Legs and cover, Inner Curtain, Air On Demand system, Multiple anchoring systems for different deployments, HVAC distribution plenum, Long tube lights and Framed man doors 
  • Easily and rapidly set up by a small workforce; 9,000 sq ft can be set up in 24 hours
  • Lightweight and relocatable; structures can be moved short distances on-site while fully deployed
  • Compact packaging for easier storage and transportation;
  • 9,000 sq ft transported in less than 3 shipping containers
  • Can include electrical, lighting, HVAC, insulation and air filtration systems
  • Large, clear spans optimize the space/occupancy ratio allowing space for hundreds of people
  • Modular floor system available for temporary requirements
Application Application
Blast Resistant Air Shelters offer a safer alternative for people living and working in military bases and conflict zones, while emergency responders to large-scale disasters spend less time setting up and more time helping those in need.
  • Stand-alone, modular, or complex configurations for field hospitals, encampments, and command posts
  • Specialized models withstand winds up to category 3 hurricanes
  • Additional tether mast/ballistic wall offers protection comparable to a 3cm thick steel plate
  • Blackout and opaque covers and liners available

Hard-wall structures

These hard-wall, portable blast-resistant structures will keep your workers safe in even the most potentially dangerous industrial environments.

Like all BOXX Modular products, they’re easy to transport to site, easy to install and easy to decommission. In fact, they look the same as any other transportable units – like any other office facilities, lunchrooms or lavatories. But they have one important and notable difference: they’re built to withstand the force of an explosion and flying debris: they can also withstand all types of weather conditions, including extreme cold and snow. Strong on the outside, while inside they provide the usual BOXX level of comfortable convenience.
In test after test, BOXX Modular’s blast-resistant structure remained intact during high-pressure mock industrial incidents.
Key Features Key Features
  • Custom designs available
  • Fabricated in Canada to Canadian building codes and climate conditions
  • Locally manufactured to reduce delivery cost and minimize lead time
  • Engineered stamped drawings available
  • CSA W59/W47.1, CSA-A660-10 standards, CSA S116, ABC Part 10
  • Blast Resistance: up to Peak Side on Pressure = 8PSI at 200 MSEC
  • Electric heat & A/C, 120V single phase, 125 A Main or 108/240V, 3PH. 125 A Main 
  • Aluminum grip strut steps w/ handrails - separate
  • Blast Resistant lavatory also available
Application Application
  • Active producing sites
  • Refinery
  • Upgrader
  • And more