Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

BOXX Modular

One call does it all

Looking for worksite solutions customized to the way you work?
Whatever you need, BOXX Modular can make it happen.

Our Approach

Design and engineering

We will work with you to define your greatest challenges, and identify your biggest requirements. That way we can create a workspace that increases productivity and streamlines the way your people work.

Comfort and convenience

When you make people feel valued, they work better. Our buildings can be custom fitted and equipped to your precise specifications, whether it’s to suit your brand, specific working conditions, or just the way you want it to look.

Add-on services

Ask us about add-ons such as exterior landings and steps, furniture rentals, office equipment, cleaning and more. We might not do it ourselves, but we’ll find the people who do. Plus we offer flexible financing options to make the process easier on your budget!

New or Used

Innovative Solutions

Our Spec or Yours

Why BOXX Modular

Call us, we'll work with you
to improve your project success

Single-unit? Custom solution?
'Trailer' doesn't begin to cover it

In and outside the BOXX,
we've got you covered