boxx modular

Inside and Outside the BOXX Solutions

We don't just provide modular buildings from our large fleet of standard inventory. If you're looking for innovative ideas and customized solutions that result in comfortable, convenient, productive workspaces, then you’ve come to the right place. Delivered, installed, furnished - no problem, we do that too, and more. 

Inside and outside the BOXX, we've got you covered from start to finish. 


Planning, Design, and Innovative Solutions

A BOXX isn't just a box. Give us your biggest challenges, and we’ll work with you early on in your project to design custom solutions for the way you work. One thing you won’t hear us say is “can’t be done.” We prefer to think outside the box and ask “how can we make that happen?”   


Delivery, Installation, and More

Choosing a BOXX Modular building (or designing a complex) is one step. We can transport your portable building to site, install it, and we offer additional services, so all you need to do is call us.  

Steps, Furniture and Other Add-ons

If you need more than a building, we can make that happen too. Just ask us about add-ons such as exterior landings and steps, furniture rentals, office equipment, cleaning and more. We might not do it ourselves, but we’ll find the people who do. We also offer flexible financing options so your BOXX Modular building will be ready to go.  

boxx modular

Improving Project Success

Our customers count on us for innovative solutions that improve worker morale and productivity, while also helping them get up and running quickly, efficiently, and on budget. That's because we work closely with our clients to identify potential project barriers and solutions, and provide modular building solutions complete with all the extras.


This 30 second time-lapse video shows BOXX Modular delivering and installing an
office complex in 12 hours.