Brierty Plug & Stay Camp

Quick Facts

  • Existing camp fleet was designed with underground infrastructure which resulted in higher upfront costs and install time for customers
  • Black Diamond Australia renovated its fleet to an above-ground infrastructure which reduced cost and downtime for customer, while providing for a safe install
Client:  Brierty Limited
Industry: Construction
Location: Western Australia, AU 
Building Use:  Workforce Housing 
Size of Project: 23,497 sq. ft.
Completion time:  19 days

Innovation + cost effectiveness

Black Diamond renovated the existing fleet to create an above-ground, mobile infrastructure - the Plug & Stay Camp. This solution comes at a reduced upfront cost with a quicker, safer installation process.
Located in Western Australia, the Brierty 100-person Plug & Stay Camp is a cost-effective ready-to-go solution which was integrated into the Read Construction project’s existing hire fleet. Water, power and wastewater were all designed to run above ground, allowing for visual maintenance checks, and increasing workplace safety.  This multi-functional 51 module camp encompasses 2,183 square metres, is equipped with gymnasium and wet mess, and features comfortable and spacious private dorms with attached ensuite washrooms, cable TV, mini fridges and bedroom storage for maximum privacy and comfort.
The Plug & Stay camp was installed in a total of 19 days. This allowed for minimal downtime, maximizing productivity by reducing upfront capital cost for the camp install.